Bodaj, n.g.o.

Bodaj, n.g.o.

Bodaj, n.g.o. makes effort to globally support Institutes of Social Services in Ucraine, especially to enforce the children´s and adolescents´ rights to worthy life in dignified conditions. The activities of Bodaj, n.g.o. lead to permanent improving of these conditions. „Bodaj“ means in Ucrainian „If Only“. If only could we help to enhance the situation in Ucrainian children´s homes. If only were there less and less children, who need our help.


The commission of Bodaj, n.g.o. is improving the life conditions of children and adolescents living in institutes of social services in Ucraine. It provides material and direct help by means of volunteering. The important aspect is to facilitate the work that is done by staff and activate the staff to professional attitude towards the children and adolescents.

Aims of organization

The aims of Bodaj, n.g.o. Are to respect and enforce the rights of healthy and also mentally handicapped children and adolescents, especially the right to worthy life in dignified conditions.

It is also effort to improve the life conditions and services in institutes of social services for children and adolescents in Ucraine.

Focus groups

Our focus groups are healthy and handicapped children and adolescents living in Institutes of Social Services. The help is orientated on psychosocial, speech and motorial development of the children, on adopting basic hygienic habits and on self-service.

Activities of organization

Our activities are especially focused on:

  • obtaining financial and material resources in order to evolve the children and adolescents in Institutes of Social Services in Ucraine
  • broadening professional knowledge and skills (in terms of education, nursing care and therapeutical activities) of employees working in Institutes of Social Services
  • associate and coordinate the volunteers by preparation and realization the short-term stays in the Institutes of Social Services
  • individual and group work with clients in order to inhibit psychosocial pathologial phenonems via using elements of rehabilitation, ergotherapy and expressive therapy (physiotherapy, artetherapy, musicotherapy)
  • organizing beneficial and educational actions (concerts, exhibitions, lectures)


  • Humanitarion Stay of Volunteers in Spring 2010

    Humanitarion Stay of Volunteers in Spring 2010

    3. 2. 2010 Eventhough there is beautiful winter, Bodaj thinks already about spring and prepares for it. During April there will be again the humanitarion stay in the children´s home in Vilsany. As in last year the stay will last two weeks and about 25 volunteers will take part in it. more

  • Volunteers´ Meeting in „Jelení“

    Volunteers´ Meeting in „Jelení“

    3. 2. 2010 In the second half of January, when there is winter behind the windows and when there is hell in the heads due to exam period, New Year´s meeting of Bodaj, n.g.o. Volunteers took place in club Jelení. more



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Tel. UA: +380 985 486 001
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